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In 1969, Mr. Louis Scoma, Jr. founded DPS Management Consultants (DPS) to do research, development, and consulting work in disaster prevention.  This began a new service industry that would specialize in business continuity planning.

In 1975, DPS branched into disaster recovery planning.  DPS realized that a disaster recovery plan was needed for all critical business activities within an organization, including the data processing department, to enable that organization to continue operation.

In 1979, DPS opened the first Recovery Operation Center ever in the USA. This was after requests from heads of several major corporations suggested that DPS offer a business recovery facility for corporate clients experiencing a disaster.  The DPS Recovery Operation Center (ROC) program has proven to be a vital part of an organization’s contingency recovery program.  The ROC is ready for the immediate use of a member organization should a disaster cause damage to that organization’s ability to continue operation at their existing location.

DPS ….
  Is a firm of professional management consultants and security engineers.

  Has 32 years experience.

  Specializes in assisting organizations in achieving specific objectives in contingency and recovery planning.

  Is the industry leader in design of new data processing facilities.

  Operates a large network of Recovery Operation Centers for members’ use.

  Has assisted over 2,000 organizations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe

DPS provides....
  Cost-effective data/information security programs.

  Effective emergency procedures, training programs and security planning for the entire business.

 Facility design necessary for operating efficiently and provide physical securtity protection for the entire business facility.

  Recovery Operation Centers that provides a business recovery service to member companies.

DPS Research and Development
  DPS has spent millions of dollars to better integrate necessary systems and test products
 for efficiency and applicability.

  DPS tests new products for reliability and cost-effectiveness ensuring you unbiased recommendations.

  DPS tests and evaluates better methods for contingency and recovery plans, data security, software and controls, and emergency training programs.

DPS Selected Client List

American Airlines Duke Power Company IBM
American Express Exxon Company Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Bank of America Federal Home Loan Bank Standard Oil
Blue Cross/Blue Shield General Electric US Dept of Treasury
Chicago Board of Trade Hertz Corporation Wal-Mart Stores

For a more complete list, visit the Client List page.
For more information about Louis Scoma, Jr., visit the About Our Founder page.

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