Executives need a sound recovery plan
to get key business functions running after a disaster

The inner working of modern businesses are becoming more complex, operating with specialized technology and dependent upon timely and accurate information. Mainframe and personal computers are widely used throughout organizations today, with a high dependence on voice and data communications.

But, more than 90 percent of organizations do not have viable contingency recovery plans that are tested annually. The need for a corporate-wide disaster recovery plan is now reaching crisis proportions.The many disasters we have experienced recently such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, riots, fire and sabotage have caught many organizations unprepared.

To effectively resume critical business activities, a current business recovery plan is often a matter of business survival. The probabilities that your organization will experience a major disaster may be small. But, if one were to strike, you should be ready. Ideally a disaster recovery plan should be developed for all the critical business activities within the organization, including data processing.

Backing up files for the mainframe computer is common practice. However, many organizations lack the discipline backing up files processed on personal computers. With the increased usage of personal computers, it would be disruptive if not catastrophic for some critical business activities to recover from a disaster because files were not properly backed up off-site on a regular basis.

DPS specializes in assisting businesses in all industries to achieve their objectives in disaster prevention and business recovery planning. DPS is organized, staffed and equipped to devote full corporate resources to the business recovery needs of its clients. We are the proven name in disaster prevention and disaster recovery planning and have continued to maintain our leading edge position for over 32 years.

Louis Scoma, Jr.

Louis Scoma, Jr.

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